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  • We are open to submissions from grannies, grandpas, soon-to-be grans, wannabe grans, grandchildren, friends of grans, etc., and we ask that all submissions be honest, entertaining, and respectful. Lists and relatable topics illustrated with personal stories work well.
  • Send us your best work: pieces under 1000 words are preferred. Please keep those pesky adjectives and adverbs to a minimum, and kindly purge your writing of clichés so we don’t have to. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, that includes the title. If your work is accepted, you'll have the opportunity to submit an image or graphic, but only if you own its rights. We may use your image, or we may choose to use one of our own.
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  • If you publish your piece after we do, we ask that you include the link to our site with the statement, “This piece was originally published on"
  • We are not currently paying for submissions, as we are just getting started. But that could change at anytime, so check back frequently.