Five Yoga Poses* Fit For A Grandmother


Being active and involved with friends and family is very important to me. After teaching elementary school for 30 years, I decided to become Yogi Fit certified, and I now teach classes at two fitness facilities. Most of my students are retired, active adults looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is very popular in the lake community where I live.

I’ve recently discovered how yoga poses strengthen muscles needed to lift grand babies and keep up with older grandchildren. Yoga has helped me maintain flexibility, improve balance, and increase function. I’d like to share five yoga poses that will help you as a grandmother, and as a person.


1.    Child’s Pose—naturally relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue.



2.    Supine Twist—helps wring out negativity and pain from your body.



3.    Half Lord of the Fishes Pose—helps reduce chronic inflammation, detox your digestive system, and cleanse your organs.



4.    Triangle Pose—helps reduce stress and increase stability.



5.    Bridge Pose—helps relieve chronic inflammation and may help reduce anxiety and mild depression.



And one final exercise in which your grand baby can participate…

 Nancy Hodges is a wife and a mother of two boys. She is also a grandmother of four small grandchildren and is excited to have one more on the way. Nancy and her husband live at Lake Martin in Alexander City, AL.