My Everyday Hero


When my grandfather was eighteen, he went to war

He became a pilot of a Liberator B-24

Over the Pacific he flew near the Philippines

His mission: to help protect the Navy and Marines

The fighting was fierce, he lost every man on his crew

Still he kept his faith strong and true

After the war, he got his engineering degree

Next he moved to Huntsville in 1953

He worked at Redstone for Missile Command

The missiles he made helped protect this great land

All his accomplishments wouldn’t compare

With meeting Rosemary, whose life he would share

They raised six kids to be good and strong

Teaching them the difference between right and wrong

After sharing his life in a wonderful way

He died on Christmas Day

Now seventeen kids call him “Granddad” it’s true

But this everyday Hero they never knew

As one of these grandkids, I’m very proud

I bet if he was still here, around him would be a crowd.

written by Michael Nicastro, age nine

Mike's granddad, on the left.

Mike's granddad, on the left.

Mike Nicastro attends Samford University in Birmingham, AL. He coaches cross country and track at Mountain Brook High School.